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I'm having trouble placing an order

Try clearing your browsers cache before contacting us

I bought the CD DVD combo pack and only received one jewel case.

"Before You Go" CD/DVD Combo Pack The DVD disc is UNDER the CD disc in the jewel case. You have to flip up the CD holder to find the DVD under the CD. BE SURE that you are trying to play the correct disc on the correct media player.

Help Playing "Before You Go" on our website

Click one of the following images to try playing the video via an alternate method.
Play the WWII/Korean War Version The original "Before You Go" Dedicated to the veterans of WWII and of the Korean War which preserved that victory.
Play the Vietnam War Version The long awaited release and long overdue thank you for veterans of The Vietnam War!

I'm having trouble playing "Before You Go" CD or DVD that I purchased online

Thousands of CDs and DVDs have sold and we have not yet discovered any defective units.

Computers have various configurations, and if it is the CD that you are experiencing problems with, we have found that following the steps below will usually allow you to play your "Before You Go" CD, and see the pictorial associated with the song.

If it is the CD that you are having a problem with, BEFORE doing anything, try the CD in another computer. We'll then know right away if the problem is the CD or your system. If you ordered both a DVD AND a CD, be sure that you have the right disk in the right device. Not all computers have disc drives that will read both a CD and a DVD.

The DVD should play on any DVD - R DVD player - which is the most common format.

The following information is for troubleshooting the CD.

First: Be sure that your computer recognizes your CD player by testing another CD in it.

In the meantime, here are a few suggestions to try.

Problem: The images fill the entire screen and you do not know how to terminate the presentation.
Suggestion: Press the ESC key. This will reduce the size of the image and expose the menu options that will allow you to move on.

Problem: You do not hear the music when you play the CD on your computer.
Suggestion: Be sure that your computer volume controls are at a high enough level to hear (use Control Panel - not just the speaker volumes).

Problem: The music plays, but no pictures display.
Suggestions: Try the CD on some else's computer. If it works well - we know the problem lies with your computer..

Problem: The system hangs..
Suggestions: Instead of rebooting if the system hangs, eject the CD from the CD ROM player using the button on the CD drive and re-insert the CD.

If the previous measures do not solve the problem:

  • Place the CD in your CD drive and open the CD files using "My Computer" or "Explorer" in Windows, or the files listing icon if you have a Macintosh operating system.
  • For Windows, click on the icon labeled Start.exe, for Macintosh, click on the icon start_mac.
  • Be certain that your default media player is not a proprietary player other than your system's default media player.

If all of this fails AND if your discs still do not play properly on another computer - let us know and we'll send you a replacement. (We will ask that you return your discs to us so we can investigate the problem on our end as well).